"Nation-building and Foreign Policy." Oxford Encyclopedia of Foreign Policy Analysis. (co-authored with Harris Mylonas)

An analytical overview of existing literature on the relationship between nation-building and foreign policy. Contracted for 2017.

Organizational Learning Theory of Military Change

Why do some military organizations change in peacetime while others cling to existing technologies and doctrine? Moreover, how do military organizations change? How do militaries decide what reforms to implement given the ambiguity surrounding any imagined future war? I conceive of military change as a process of organizational learning, borrowing from organization theory the concepts of single-loop learning, double-loop learning, and performance targets. I test this theory by comparing the interwar development of carrier doctrine and armored warfare doctrine in the United States and Britain.

Nation-building and Civil Wars

Harris Mylonas and I are engaged in an ongoing multi-paper research project on the relationship between how prior nation-building affects the war dynamics in civil wars.