Next Week on China Pivots West: Alexander Cooley

Next week on the China Pivots West podcast, I will be talking with Alexander Cooley about PRC President Xi Jinping's recent Central Asia tour, the "Friday-the-13th" SCO summit, and his book Great Games, Local Rules.

Who is Alex Cooley? From his website

Alexander Cooley is Professor of Political Science at Barnard College. He is also a Doctoral Dissertation Sponsor in Columbia University's Graduate School of Arts and Sciences, a Faculty Member of The Harriman InstituteSaltzman Institute for War and Peace Studies, and teaches at the School of International and Public Affairs. Professor Cooley’s research examines how external actors– including international organizations, multinational companies, NGOs, and foreign military bases – have influenced the development and sovereignty of the former Soviet states, with a focus on Central Asia and the Caucasus.

Do you have questions for Alex? Message me on Twitter (@KendrickKuotes). 

Kendrick Kuo