Abbas, then Netanyahu, and now al-Faisal and Gulnara visit Beijing

On the heels of the recent Abbas-Netanyahu visit to China, Saudi Foreign Minister is set to travel to Beijing today. Xinhua reports:

Saudi Arabia's foreign minister, Saud bin al-Faisal bin Abdul-Aziz al-Saud, will visit China on May 17 at the invitation of his Chinese counterpart Wang Yi, Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Hong Lei announced at a regular press briefing on Thursday.

Another interesting visitor, Gulnara Karimova, Islam Karimov's celebrity daughter and potential successor, was in Beijing at a conference discussing Sino-Uzbek relations. provides the translation from the press release:

Karimova noted the fact that today there is no doubting the strategic level of Uzbek-Chinese relations. These relations represent one of the systematic components of the structure of security in Central Asia. The cooperation of the two sides in the field of energy security can serve as confirmation of that. Uzbekistan carries out transit of natural gas from Turkmenistan and China, and after the construction of the third and possibly fourth branches of the gas pipeline between Central Asia and China can become one of the major gas suppliers to China...
Specific attention was paid to the cooperation in the framework of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization. Karimova suggested that, on the basis of Uzbek-Chinese efforts, to create an SCO "think tank" with the participation of independent analytical centers of member countries of the organization. These centers could through their activities bring a fresh view on practical perspectives of the development of the organization.