Kent Calder on the New Continentalism

After a long hiatus, the next China Pivots West podcast will be with KENT CALDER discussing his book The New Continentalism: Energy and Twenty-First Century Geopolitics (Yale, 2012).

Kent Calder is currently Director of the Reischauer Center for East Asian Studies at SAIS/Johns Hopkins University in Washington, D.C. Before arriving at SAIS in 2003, he taught for twenty years at Princeton University, and also as Visiting Professor at Seoul National University, and Lecturer on Government at Harvard University. Calder has served as Special Advisor to the U.S. Ambassador to Japan (1997-2001), Japan Chair at the Center for Strategic and International Studies (1989-1993 and 1996); and as the first Executive Director of Harvard University’s Program on U.S.-Japan Relations, during 1979-1980.

Kendrick Kuo